"Training With Friends" is that part of CXphys (Cincinnati Exercise Physiologists) for people who enjoy getting together for a workout. And, we really enjoy it when other folks workout with us! The comradery is great! It's hard to be lost or lonely when you workout with this group. When your motivation's low the group helps pick you up!"

We're all different but, we all benefit from training together.


While we enjoy each other's company, each "Training With Friends" member's physical conditioning workout plan is tailored to meet his/her individual needs, limitations ... and goals. Personalized training is the rule.

We all need a target at which to shoot. Your personal physical goal determines the direction and content of your training. Each and every one of us have our own training plans and goals. Some folks are walkers, others jog. Some want to lose weight, others want to add muscle and strength. One guy even wants to bike across Iowa next summer! Our "Training With Friends" training group includes women and men, the young, seniors, and a lot of people somewhere in between. Goals give meaning to training.


The very experienced Exercise Physiologists of CXphys (aka Cincinnati Exercise Physiologists) create every workout for every member of "Training With Friends"! (Exercise beginners through elite athletes, including college champions, have successfully been trained by these Exercise Physiologists!) EVERY WORKOUT IS SUPERVISED.


Gentle progression. Our physical condition improves when our body is gently, progressively challenged. We don't do well, we often get injured, when we're forced to perform a level of physical activity we're not adapted to do.

Progressing as you are ready. Throughout your training plan, as you physically change and improve, your training progressively changes with you!


Physical conditioning has many aspects. It's not just walking/running, or stretching, or lifting weights. It's all those things and more. Your "Training With Friends" PHYSICAL CONDITIONING WORKOUT includes all the important parts of physical conditioning, including cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility training.