Every "Training With Friends" member's workout includes individualized doses of the three most important forms of exercise":


If you can do just one thing for yourself to improve your day-to-day "quality of your life", then STRETCH!!! It's one of the best parts of day! Every "Training With Friends" workout includes "static" STRETCHING & FLEXIBILITY exercises for every major muscle group and joint of the body.
Using inexpensive "dumbbell" hand weights, and free-body strengthening exercises, "Training With Friends" workouts emphasize development of muscular endurance over brute strength.



Meet "PEIT"

The name.
"PEIT" is short for "Perceived Exertion Interval Training", and pronounced "Pete". "PEIT" interval training is the heart & soul of the "Training With Friends" Workout program. It's great for training the cardiovascular system! "PEIT" interval training is a new, yet familiar, and very successful, way to train.

A Little Exercise, A Little Rest.
"PEIT" is a unique, time-tested method of "interval training". "PEIT" interval training repeatedly alternates little periods of self-paced exercise with little periods of rest.

Challenging...yes, but gentle, too!
"PEIT" interval training is challenging and progressive (as all good cardiovascular training programs should be!) But, it's more. "PEIT" interval training is also gentle and nurturing.

From Elite & Champion Athletes to Beginners.
"PEIT" interval training easily accommodates differences in fitness and ability. Walker? Jogger? Cyclist? Swimmer? "PEIT" interval training is the best way to train!

Regular Rests.
It is part of the design of the "PEIT" interval training method to give you repeated, regular, built-in periods of rest & recovery throughout your entire interval workout.

No unending, unrelenting sustained exercise with "PEIT" interval training.

Effort Control.
"PEIT" interval training is a unique, and very personal, way of training. All our interval training exercise is performed at your own pace! You control the effort of your exercise when you train the "PEIT" interval training way!

Easy to Learn.
The "PEIT" interval training method is easy to learn. Just a few minutes walking and talking with our Exercise Physiologist, and you've got it!